Radio/millimeter/sub-millimeter Observations

I specialize in radio and millimeter interferometry with ALMA, NOEMA, the VLA, and the WSRT, as well as millimeter single dish observations with the IRAM 30-meter.  

I complete on-site observations and data reduction.

FINCA - Finnish Centre for Astronomy with ESO

FINCA is a coordinated effort between Finnish universities and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) to produce high quality astronomical research.  As of December 2017 I am a FINCA fellow based at the University of Helsinki.   

Additional Collaborations

From 9/2013-11/2017 I was a member of Dr. Fabian Walter's research group at The Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA),   I am a member of the WSRT Hydrogen Accretion in LOcal GAlaxieS  (HALOGAS) Survey and the VLA Continuum Halos in Nearby Galaxies (CHANG-ES) consortium.

Using ALMA and NOEMA, I observe and analyze highly-resolved molecular outflows in Circinus, NGC 253, NGC 3079, and NGC 2146. Among the foremost shortcomings in our understanding of galaxy evolution is an inadequate knowledge of galactic-scale feedback, especially of the molecular phase - key to regulating star formation. Recent work by Cicone et al. (2014) has demonstrated preliminary trends (e.g. a correlation between molecular mass outflow rate and AGN luminosity). However, the current sample
Extra-planar layers are the interface between the intergalactic medium and the star-forming disk. Thus, any gas that enters galaxies to fuel star formation must first pass though these layers. I focus on extra-planar atomic and molecular gas in the form of HI and CO.
Tilted-ring modeling is a powerful tool for constraining galactic dynamics. It is effective in isolating material with anomalous kinematics (e.g. counterrotating, outflows, inflows, streaming). Thus, I use it in my research on extra-planar layers, galactic-scale winds, and spiral streaming.
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